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Ski Tours Senja Norway

Insider tip: Dream ski tours on the island of Senja in Norway

Appointment A: 05.04. – 12.4.2025
Appointment B: 12.04.-19.04.2025
Appointment C: 19.04. – 26.04.2025

It is the dream of every ski touring fan: Ski touring in Norway with incredible views down to the sea. The island of Senja is the second largest island in Norway and lies between the well-known ski touring areas of Lyngen and Lofoten. Senja is characterised by its extremely diverse ski touring opportunities. Thanks to its favourable location on the North Atlantic, Senja is often blessed with abundant rainfall. In spring, the Gulf Stream ensures that the temperatures are similar to ours despite the location in the far north of Europe. Everything is possible, from powder to firn :-).

Ski touring on Senja, Norway

During the ski touring week Norway on Senja we are accommodated in cosy and modern self-catering lodges in the fishing village Hamn. From there we set off with our rental cars to the starting points of the tours and can react flexibly to snow and weather conditions. 

If you want to realise your dream of ski touring in Norway, you've come to the right place. We are a small team of motivated ski guides who go about their work with passion. With us you won't find an off-the-peg ski tour Norway. Instead, you will find a ski touring experience with friends and like-minded people that is put together individually and with love.

The ski touring week on Senja is organised by the VIVALPIN Mountain School GmbH & Co.KG and realised by the Skiing Tegernsee. I am allowed to accompany the ski touring week as a guide. 

Programme Ski Tours Senja, Norway

Meeting place: Arrival Saturday until approx. 5 pm in Tromsö. You pick up the reserved hire cars and drive independently in small groups to Hamn on Senja (approx. 2:45 hours' drive). On the way, you will have the opportunity to buy provisions for the coming days. You will then move into your lodges. In the evening you will eat together in the lodges. Dinner will be prepared for you on the day of arrival (catering) so that you don't have to cook yourself.

Sunday begins with a joint briefing, during which we discuss the programme for the next few days and important points of the ski tour.

We then carry out joint avalanche transceiver training with avalanche search, emergency measures and companion rescue. The approximately two-hour emergency training is mandatory for all participants.

After training, we set off on our first short ski tour. On this two-hour ski tour, we get used to the conditions and warm up for the coming days. 

In the afternoon we come together for an aperitif and bring the first day of touring to a cosy close.

Ski tours on Senja

With the rental cars we are flexible and can drive to the starting points for the ski tours. The choice of tours on Senja is varied. From gentle slopes to steep couloirs, everything is on offer. The ski tours usually start at sea level and the highest peaks are around 1,000 metres high. The ski guides determine the destination of the ski tour every day, depending on the current snow, weather and avalanche situation. 

Altitude difference: Most ski tours require approx. 800 - 1,300 hm in ascent.
Duration: approx. 4 - 6 hours per day
Difficulty: From advanced skiers with solid ski touring experience to experts, there is something for everyone. Solid skiing skills in the open ski area and sufficient fitness are required!  
Info difficulty rating ski tours

Ski touring possibilities Senja

Skolpan, 779 m
Beautiful introductory tour over gentle terrain with phenomenal views of the sea from the summit. Can be extended to a nice round tour.
approx. 580 hm / 2 hrs.

Krokelvtinden, 756 m
The round trip of Krokelvtinden is another classic in the area of Lake Krokelv. The tour can be extended as desired with an ascent of Tverrfjellet (839 m).
approx. 550 hm / 2 hrs. 

Husfjellet, 632 m
An ideal beginner's tour or when avalanche conditions are tense. The starting point is Skaland, right by the sea. Husfjellet also offers fantastic views of the open sea.
approx. 620 hm / 2 hrs.

Keipen, 938 m
The ascent to the popular panorama peak starts from the pass road by Lake Mefjord. Often good firn conditions on the south-eastern slopes! The tour can be extended as desired with the Grytetippen and other downhill/uphill options. 
approx. 830 hm / 3 hrs.

Store Hesten, 874 m
Brilliant tour with impressive views of the Mefjord. Offers great downhill options through sparse deciduous forest.
approx. 900 hm / 3 hrs.

Burstinden (753 m) & Roalden (862 m)
Beautiful tour for advanced ski tourers. The two peaks can be ideally combined and offer several great downhill options.
approx. 1,100 hm / 4 hrs.

Luttinden, 759 m
Luttinden, with its 40 degree steep couloir, is a great Senja classic for experts. The ascent is either directly through the couloir or from Steinfjord in endless hairpin bends and later on foot over the west flank.
approx. 870 hm / 3 hrs.

In addition to the classics, we have many other unusual tours off the beaten track in our portfolio!

Return journey to Tromsoe & return flight

Depending on the departure time, you will travel in small groups in the rental cars back to Tromsø, where you will board the flight back home.

Changes to the programme are possible at any time due to snow, weather and avalanche conditions.



8 days


Appointment A: 05.04. – 12.4.2025
Appointment B: 12.04.-19.04.2025
Appointment C: 19.04. – 26.04.2025


Senja Island 




medium, 35°


Minimum 4, maximum 7 per ski guide


2,290.00 per person
excl. flight

  • Backpack (approx. 25-35 l), if available ABS backpack
  • Suitable ski touring boots with walking function
  • Ski touring ski with binding and crampons
  • Fitting and well adhering clamping adhesive skins
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Adapted crampons with frontal jaws (light aluminium ski touring crampons are sufficient).
  • Modern avalanche transceiver (avalanche transceiver, 3-antenna device) with new batteries*.
  • Avalanche probe and avalanche shovel (made of metal)*.
  • Helmet (recommended, not a must)
  • Clothes suitable for the mountains, a change of dry clothes, 1 litre of liquid, snack / muesli bar, a change of gloves. 

Optional for the more demanding ski tours:

  • Ice axe (suitable for high altitude touring)
  • Harness*
  • 1x Safelock carabiner (or 2x screw carabiner)*.

*Can be hired if required. Please book in advance! LENDING PRICES

The Ski touring in Senja are aimed at ski tourers with solid experience in ski touring. We are three guides and have the possibility to form different groups depending on the level. This means that there are tours for everyone, from the connoisseur to the expert. 
Skiing level: Safe skiing in open terrain, off-piste, in varying types of snow and over short steeps up to 40 degrees. We require a safe ascent technique, if necessary also with snow shoes or crampons.
Endurance: Ski tours with 800-1500 metres of ascent and up to 4-6 hours duration.

More information on the difficulty rating for ski tours

The ski touring trip to Senja is right for you, if
The ski touring trip to Senja is not suitable for you, if


We are accommodated in extremely cosy & modern lodges in the fishing village of Hamn i Senja. Why in lodges and not in a hotel? Because we want to strengthen the cohesion in the group and the community experience. The positive experiences of the last few years with a great spirit in the team speak for themselves.

Each lodge sleeps six people in three double rooms. All lodges have the following facilities:

  • Comfortable double room
  • Shower, WC
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Washing Machine & Dryer
  • Living room
  • A small, shared infrared cabin

CateringWe live in Self-catering-lodges. This means that each lodge is responsible for its own catering. We regularly visit the local supermarket to replenish our supplies. The menu also regularly includes fresh fish, which we buy directly from the fishermen at the harbour. On the day of arrival, we order catering and are spoilt with local delicacies. And if you don't want to cook yourself or eat freshly caught fish, you can walk 100 metres to the neighbouring hotel and enjoy local cuisine at good prices.

Our lodges directly on the water
Our lodges directly on the water
Living area
Living area
Living area
Tour briefing at the lodge
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Impressions Ski Tours Norway

Picture credits: Lucie Bierent, Alex Kunert

Tariff per person


The trip takes place with a minimum of 4 participants. Maximum 7 people per guide.

Included services

Not included

Booking procedure

Are you interested in the trip? Send us your enquiry by e-mail, enquiry form or give us a call.
We will contact you within 48 hours to let you know if a place is available.
If you would like to make a firm booking, you will receive a written booking confirmation from us. To finalise the booking, a deposit of 20% of the total price is due. You will receive an invoice from the organisers, Skisportlerei Tegernsee/VIVALPIN Bergschule.
You should book your flights 2-3 months before your travel date. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
Online briefing
Approximately 2 months before the trip, we will organise an online meeting to clarify any open questions and provide you with more detailed information about the itinerary.
Final payment
The final payment is due 30 days before the trip.
Let's go!
The ski adventure in Norway begins.

The contractual relationship shall be governed exclusively by our here available and forming an integral part of this offer. Booking confirms that you have received, read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions.