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Ski Touring Round between Kaunertal & Pitztal

With state-certified ski guide

In the west of the Ötztal Alps, the Kaunertal valley stretches over 20 kilometres from Prutz southwards to the Gepatschferner, Austria's second largest glacier. The no less wildly romantic Pitztal valley is right next door. In between, nestled between the dominant peaks Wildspitze, Weißseespitze and Weißkugel, extremely interesting ski touring terrain opens up. Especially lovers of more solitary tours away from the fashionable mountains will get their money's worth here.

Kaunertal & Pitztal ski tour in four days

The four-day ski tour begins and ends in the Kaunertal. In between, we spend one night at the Vernagthütte and one in the valley village of Mandarfen in the Pitztal. On this ski tour, we climb several three-thousand metre peaks and cross high alpine passes. The scenic experience on this unusual ski tour crossing is something special!

Programme Ski Touring Round Kaunertal & Pitztal

Meeting point: 07.30 hrs Feichten toll station in the Kaunertal valley

Weißseespitze, 3,500 m

On the first day, we have an extensive day of touring ahead of us. We take the bus up to the Kaunertal glacier ski area and use the support of the ski lift for the first few metres in altitude. Shortly afterwards, we leave the ski area and reach the Nöderscharte. Here begins an easy ridge climb (max I.) with skis on our rucksacks. After the ridge, we strap our skis back on and walk past the Hoher Zahn to the flat summit plateau of the Weißseespitze. 

Via the Gepatsch and Kesselwandferner glaciers we finally reach the Vernagt hut at 2,755m.

Overnight stay at the Vernagt Hut.

Metres in altitude ascent: approx. 800 hm 
Route: approx. 13 km
Difficulty: medium (easy climbing on the ridge)

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High altitude ski tour on the Fluchtkogel, 3500 m

The high-altitude ski tour on the Fluchtkogel is one of the worthwhile undertakings in the Ötztal Alps. From the Vernagthütte we ascend via the Guslarferner to the Oberes Guslarjoch (3361 m). Now we continue northwards over the steep final slope to the summit.

Overnight stay at the Vernagt Hut.

Metres in altitude ascent: approx. 800 hm
Difficulty: medium, 35°
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Hochvernagtspitze, 3,530 m

After a night at the Vernagthütte, we start the next day for the Hochvernagtspitze. The 3,530-metre peak is probably the most beautiful ski tour destination around the Vernagthütte and promises a fantastic view. After a short, but interesting descent, we brush up again and reach the Pitztal valley via one of the possible crossings. Here we can expect mostly good snow conditions due to the north-facing exposure!

Overnight stay in the Pitztal valley in Mandarfen.

Metres in altitude ascent: approx. 900 hm
Route: approx. 17 km
Difficulty: medium, 35°
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K2, 3,253 m

The K2 has become one of the most popular ski touring peaks in the Rifflsee area. And rightly so, as the most beautiful skiing terrain awaits us on the ascent and the Rifflsee cable car takes us up the first 600 metres of ascent. We reach the summit via the Löcherferner glacier, which has few crevasses, and then descend into the Kaunertal valley. By bus or taxi we reach the starting point in Feichten after a short ride.

Farewell & end of the tour around 16.00 hrs.

Metres in altitude ascent: approx. 1,000 hm
Difficulty: medium, 35°
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4 days; 3 nights


on request


Kaunertal/Pitztal, Ötztal Alps

Valley resort

Feichten in the Kaunertal Valley


heavy, 35° I


maximum 5 per ski guide


from 2390,00

  • Backpack with ski attachment option (approx. 35-40 l)
  • Suitable ski touring boots with walking function
  • Ski touring ski with binding and crampons
  • Fitting and well adhering clamping adhesive skins
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Modern avalanche transceiver (avalanche transceiver, 3-antenna device) with new batteries*.
  • Avalanche probe and avalanche shovel (made of metal)*.
  • Adapted crampons with frontal jaws*.
  • Ice axe (suitable for mountaineering)
  • Harness*
  • 1x Safelock carabiner (or 2x screw carabiner)*.
  • Helmet (recommended, not a must)
  • Clothes suitable for the mountains, a change of dry clothes, 1 litre of liquid, snack / muesli bar, a change of gloves. 
  • First aid kit with emergency blanket
  • For the overnight stay in the hut: Thin hut sleeping bag, comfortable trousers for staying in the hut, toiletries in small travel sizes (toothbrush etc.), headlamp, Alpine Club ID if available, sufficient cash, chargers. Tip: Thin pack sacks or compression plastic bags help with organisation.

Important: Take only the essentials with you! The backpack should not weigh more than 10 kg.

*Can be hired if required. Please book in advance! LENDING PRICES

The ski tour circuit between the Kaunertal and Pitztal valleys is for Ski tourers with solid experience in ski touring. High altitude touring/glacier experience is an advantage, but not a must. You can ski parallel and solidly in changing snow types and have a decent ascent technique. 

Hairpin bends should not be a problem. You can manage ascents of up to 1,000 metres in altitude and 6 hours a day (with breaks). Please note that we are in glaciated terrain at over 3,000 metres. You should therefore definitely do some preparation tours during the winter. You should also be free from vertigo.


  • 1-2 persons
  • 3-4 persons
  • 5 persons
  • More info about the prices here.

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