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Ski Tour Weißseespitze

With state-certified ski guide

Ski tour Weißseespitze with ski guide. At 3526 metres, the Weißseespitze a striking peak in the Ötztal main ridge. The favourable ratio of ascent and descent appears to be particularly attractive for the high altitude ski tour on the Weißseespitze. If you choose the approach via the Kaunertal glacier ski area and the descent via the glacier tongue, 800 metres of ascent are offset by around 1500 metres of downhill pleasure.   

Ski tour Weißseespitze with ski guide

The ski tour to the Weißseespitze starts at the car park of the glacier ski area. From there we climb about 200 metres in altitude to the Nöderschartl. At the Scharte, we strap the skis to the backpack and follow the somewhat exposed ridge in the direction of "Zahn". Then we continue on skis and reach the summit of the Weißseespitze without difficulty via the Gepatschferner. The following descent over the glacier tongue to Fernergries is one of the most scenic and longest descents in the region.

Programme Ski Tour Weißseespitze guided

Meeting point: 08:00 a.m. tollbooth in Feichten



Day tour, approx. 5-6 hrs.


every day, from mid-January to May


Kaunertal - Ötztal Alps


medium, 35° I


maximum 4 per ski guide

Base price

from 500,00 per day

  • Backpack with ski attachment option (approx. 30-35 l), optional airbag backpack
  • Suitable ski touring boots with walking function
  • Ski touring ski with binding and crampons
  • Fitting and well adhering clamping adhesive skins
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Modern avalanche transceiver (avalanche transceiver, 3-antenna device) with new batteries*.
  • Avalanche probe and avalanche shovel (made of metal)*.
  • Adapted crampons with frontal jaws*.
  • Harness*
  • 1x Safelock carabiner (or 2x screw carabiner)*.
  • Ice axe (suitable for high altitude touring)
  • Helmet (recommended, not a must)
  • Clothes suitable for the mountains, a change of dry clothes, 1 litre of liquid, snack / muesli bar, a change of gloves. 

*Can be hired if required. Please book in advance! LENDING PRICES

For the ski tour on the Weißseespitze you should already have solid ski touring experience. 

You should be able to ski in parallel in changing snow types off-piste. You have enough stamina for five to six hours and 800 metres of ascent, partly with skis on your backpack. Please note that we are in glaciated terrain at over 3,000 metres. You should therefore definitely do a few preparation tours during the winter. 

You don't have to have high altitude/glacier experience, but you should be free from giddiness.

More information on the difficulty rating for ski tours

Tariff per day

  • 1 person
  • each additional person
    plus 40,00
  • More info about the prices here.

Included services

Not included

Ski Tour Weißseespitze Ski Guide - Ascent Nöderschartl

Ascent to the Nöderschartl

Ski Tour Weißseespitze Ski Guide - Ridge in the Ascent

Then continue over the ridge

Ski Tour Weißseespitze Ski Guide - Easy along the ridge

Snow on the ridge

Ascent Weißseespitze

After the ridge easy ascent terrain

Ski tour Weißseespitze - on the flat summit plateau

On the flat summit plateau of the Weißseespitze

Summit Weißseespitze

Summit Weißseespitze

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