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Graduate ski instructor


Graduate ski instructor

How does one actually become a certified ski instructor?

The training for the Graduate ski instructor (state ski instructor training) is regulated by law in Austria. The regional ski instructor associations are responsible for the implementation of the diploma ski instructor training. Together with the provincial governments, the provincial ski instructor associations have decided that the diploma ski instructor training will be carried out at the Federal Institutes for Physical Education (Federal Sports Academy). Responsible for the entire training course here is the Federal Sports Academy Innsbruck.

The Diploma ski instructor training is the highest level of ski instructor training in Austria. It lasts two semesters and is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The core of the training, which places very high physical and technical demands on the candidates, is its polysportive character. This means that the participants are not only intensively trained in alpine skiing, but also receive high-quality training in snowboarding, cross-country skiing and trend sports. In addition, there is the comprehensive alpine training, which already begins with the alpine courses in the provincial ski instructor training and ends with the Ski guidewhich can be completed after the diploma ski instructor.

To get to the Diploma ski instructor training To be admitted, candidates must have the following Requirements fulfil:

  • Completed national ski instructor training
  • completed snowboard candidate training
  • completed 18 years of age
  • sports medical examination
  • positively completed aptitude test

The Suitability test takes place annually over two days at the end of January in Maria Alm / Hinterreit in Salzburg. The aptitude test starts with a giant slalom, which follows a similar mode as the Euro Test is driven. This means that two to three state instructors set the guiding time, while the candidates are allowed to stay behind this guiding time within a certain time limit. Those who stay within the limit are allowed to compete in the school and cross-country driving examinations the following day.

The following autumn, the diploma ski instructor training then begins with the first semester on the Pitztal Glacier. Further courses follow at the BSFZ Hintermoos and in St. Christoph am Arlberg, the main location of the training. In January, the one-week Alpine course is completed before the second semester starts in March. The second semester, including all final examinations, is held in its entirety in St. Christoph am Arlberg in the Ski Austria Academy held.

In total, the Snow sports instructor training In Austria, the training programme for ski instructors from aspirants to provincial ski instructors to diploma ski instructors takes around 120 days and is thus the most comprehensive ski instructor training programme in the world.