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What is freeriding?

Freeriding is skiing or snowboarding in tracked or untracked snow away from the marked and secured pistes.

Freeriding means

  • make optimum use of the free ski area
  • Playing with different terrains
  • Experience nature
  • explore new lines
  • Fun with movement
  • Group dynamics
  • Safety thinking

Where does the trend come from?

In its most original form, skiing has always been Deep snow skiing with jumps, wild descents and exploring different types of terrain. One of the first "freeride films", DER WEISSE RAUSCH from 1931, starring Leni Riefenstahl and Hannes Schneider, became famous here.

A trend with all its concomitants such as special fashion, equipment and its own terminology became Freeskiing towards the end of the 1980s, when snowboarding spilled over from America to Europe. In the 1990s, various branches of freeskiing developed further.

The Freeriding is, next to park skiing, the trend with the greatest broad impact, from which the classic ski segment also benefits. Skiing is becoming younger, more dynamic, cooler. Ski videos and magazines promote these trends massively, and hardly any ski resort can do without spectacular freeride shots in its advertising. The freeriding scene produces its own role models and stars. Freeriding has become an economic factor.

Who goes freeriding?

Freeriding is not a question of age. Everyone who enjoys skiing in the open skiable area goes freeriding. Whether it is Deep snow skiing or freeriding is a matter of taste. What remains is the fun in the snow and in nature. Of course, a certain level of skiing is required to practice this sport. In the ski school sector, we speak here of the master level. Skiing on black slopes with short turns should not be a problem! A stable position and safe skiing in all types of snow is a prerequisite. The aim is to express one's own style in open terrain.

Best with guide

To create a beautiful and safe Freeride Tag to spend is a Freeride Guide the best choice. With a local guide Ski guide not only is the probability of untracked powder snow the greatest. At the same time, safety aspects relating to avalanche conditions, weather and other alpine dangers are also taken into account.