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5 reasons why you should go ski touring in Norway

Ski touring in Norway is something special. Five reasons why ski touring in Norway should be on your to-do list:

1. ski tours with sea view

Norway is known for its breathtaking nature and the combination of snow-capped mountains and the sea creates a unique and stunning backdrop for ski touring. The contrasts between the snow-capped peaks, the fjords and the open sea characterise an impressive and unforgettable environment. And there is another good thing about the proximity to the sea: Fresh fish 😊. Anyone who has ever fetched fresh fish at one of the small harbours and then prepared it knows what I am talking about.

2. seclusion and wilderness

Many of the ski touring areas along the Norwegian coast are remote and relatively uncrowded. While areas like the Lyngen Alps or the Lofoten While the economic boom in the last few years has been a real one, other regions such as Senja is much quieter. There you feel a more intense experience of nature and a certain loneliness in the middle of the untouched landscape. The silence and vastness of the surroundings have a particularly intense effect and you feel connected to nature.

3. versatile touring possibilities

Norway offers a wide variety of ski touring opportunities, both for beginners and experienced ski tourers. The topographical variety, from gentle slopes to challenging peaks and steep gullies, offers something for everyone. The sparse deciduous forest around the tree line invites fun treeskiing and is a good option especially on days with snowfall and poor visibility.

4. arctic climate

Norway's arctic climate ensures stable snow conditions and long ski seasons. The snow cover usually remains from November to May, which provides ideal conditions for ski touring. Even in spring, you may still be treated to extensive powder. Because of the flat sunshine, good firn conditions often remain until late in the afternoon. The exposed location in the north on the open sea naturally also causes weather caprices from time to time, which can range from storms to rain.

5. northern lights

In spring you have the opportunity to experience the fascinating Northern Lights. These natural phenomena add to the magic and uniqueness of your adventure "Ski touring in Norway" at.

Ski Touring Trip Norway

Together with the Skiing Tegernsee and the Vivalpin Mountain and Ski School I am leading a ski touring trip to Norway. Join us on the ski touring trip of a lifetime!

Ski touring in Senja, Norway, picture: Lucie Bierent

Ski Tours on Senja - Norway

Date A: 05.04. - 12.4.2025
Date B: 12.04. - 19.04.2025
Date C: 19.04. - 26.04.2025
2,290.00 per person
Ski touring on the island of Senja in Norway. An insider tip for ski touring fans!

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Alex Kunert

Alexander Kunert is a state-certified ski instructor & ski guide. With ridewithme.guide he works as a self-employed licensed ski instructor & ski guide. He is mainly on the road in the Arlberg, in the Ötztal Alps and in the Silvretta.



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