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Ski Tour Multiday Packing List

What should I bring on a multi-day ski tour?

As is so often the case, the motto here is "less is more". Especially when you are on a ski tour for several days in a row, every 100 grams more on your back has a negative effect. And that applies to both the ascent and the descent. Heavy backpacks are not only more difficult to carry uphill. They also massively reduce the pleasure of the descent. If you are going on a multi-day ski tour, your backpack should not weigh more than eight to ten kilograms.

Multi-day ski tour: tips for the packing list

When making a packing list for a multi-day ski tour, it is important to consider the following tips:

  • Onion principleThe old, well-known onion principle is particularly important for multi-day tours. This way you are also prepared for changing conditions and the thin fleece jacket also cuts a good figure at the hut evening. The thick cosy hoodie is better left at home.
  • Food & DrinkIt is not necessary to carry food for several days. You should only take what you need for the day's hike. You can then fill up on provisions at the huts. For a small extra charge, you can also take a snack pack for breakfast. These small additional expenses are definitely worth it to travel with lighter luggage.
  •  Pack sacksPack sacks or compression bags make it easier to keep an overview. On the other hand, a change of underwear or other utensils can be stored there to protect them from moisture.
  • First aid: You should not cut back on first aid equipment in particular. A first aid kit with a rescue blanket and a compact bivouac sack belong in the rucksack. In larger groups, you can divide the bivouac sacks so that at least every second person has one. Tip: The Mountain Rescue Tyrol, together with the Alpine Club and the Mountain Guide Association, has developed a compact first aid kit that contains everything you need. The set is available in the Mountain Rescue Shop available.
  • Emergency equipmentNor should you save on emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver with three antennas, shovel, probe). EVERYONE in the group must have the complete equipment with them. By the way, plastic shovels are a NO-GO.
  • Change of underwear: On ski tours lasting several days, it is impossible to take fresh laundry with you for every day. Laundry made of merino material remains odourless for longer. In a pinch, take some detergent in a small container and wash the clothes in the washbasin in the hut, provided there is enough water. In the meantime, you can also take a shower in most huts in winter. And otherwise: they all smell the same 🙂
  • Mountain clothingPersonally, I always wear hardshell or softshell trousers (in spring) with large vents on ski tours. With a matching hardshell, of course. And I always have a down jacket with me. Down simply has the best ratio of warmth, weight and pack size.

Packing List Ski Tour Multiday Tour

The following packing list is for a high-altitude ski tour with an overnight stay in a hut. For multi-day tours without contact with glaciers, the harness, ice axe, crampons etc. naturally stay at home.

  • Backpack with ski attachment option (approx. 35-40 l)
  • Suitable ski touring boots with walking function
  • Ski touring ski with binding and crampons
  • Fitting and well adhering clamping adhesive skins
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Modern avalanche transceiver (avalanche transceiver, 3-antenna device) with new batteries*.
  • Avalanche probe and avalanche shovel (made of metal)*.
  • Adapted crampons with frontal jaws*.
  • Ice axe (suitable for mountaineering)
  • Harness*
  • 1x Safelock carabiner (or 2x screw carabiner)*.
  • Helmet (recommended, not a must)
  • Clothes suitable for the mountains, a change of dry clothes, 1 litre of liquid, snack / muesli bar, a change of gloves. 
  • First aid kit with emergency blanket
  • For the overnight stay in the hut: Thin hut sleeping bag, comfortable trousers for staying in the hut, toiletries in small travel sizes (toothbrush etc.), headlamp, Alpine Club ID if available, sufficient cash, chargers. Tip: Thin pack sacks or compression plastic bags help with organisation.

Important: Take only the essentials with you! The backpack should not weigh more than 10 kg.

*Can be hired if required. Please book in advance! LENDING PRICES

Multiday ski tours with ski guide

Do you fancy a multi-day ski tour with an overnight stay in a mountain hut? Then take a look at my current Programme an. I am also happy to put together individual multi-day ski tours in Vorarlberg and Tyrol.

Ski tours with ski guide

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Alex Kunert

Alexander Kunert is a state-certified ski instructor & ski guide. With ridewithme.guide he works as a self-employed licensed ski instructor & ski guide. He is mainly on the road in the Arlberg, in the Ötztal Alps and in the Silvretta.



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